Q. How will Mayfair Auction advertise this property?
A. Our Marketing plan consists of ads that we run in your major news publication. The picture of the home is the focal point in our ads. It takes up about 25% of the ad space with an elaborate description of the property under it. The ads go in the main news section of the paper rather than the classified or real estate section so it gets an enormous amount of publicity. In addition, we may also advertise in other surrounding affluent cities within a 60 mile radius from the property. The newspapers we select will be the ones that have worked for us in the past. Our advertising department will customize a marketing plan for each property based on our surveys. We will also be sending private invitations to people who are on our own exclusive mail list.
Q. What kind of items will you have in the auction?
A. The artwork varies at each auction and can consists of some original works of art by Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Leroy Neiman, Norman Rockwell, Erte, and Pissarro. Prices can range from $5,000 - $500,000. We also have breath taking Persian rugs, and exquisite jewelry pieces.
Q. Where does your company get these items?
A. We get a lot of our art and jewelry from large estates, celebrities and often high profile individuals who consign to our company.
Q. My owners have agreed what is the next step?
A. We need to first set a side a weekend that works well for you and your homeowners. You may either print out the agreement that is on our website or we will fax you one from the office. We will need the full name of the owner or owners of the property, the current asking price and the address of the property. We will have it signed by our company and fax or mail the copy to you. We will request the insurance certificate for the homeowners from our insurance company. Our Auction staff will set up all day Friday (for a Saturday & Sunday show). The event takes place on a Saturday & Sunday. Typically the viewing is one hour prior to start of auction each day and the event ends around 5:00pm.
Q. Realtor - What would I do as a realtor during the event?
A. You may host an open house during the viewing period. Or you may show the house by appointment after you prescreen the people. And this way you will only take serious qualified people through the house.
Q. Does your promotion cost anything to Realtors or home owners?
A. There are no upfront promotional costs to Realtors or Home owners. Whether the house sells or not, the sellers and/or agent agrees to give Mayfair Auction a reference letter.